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Copay it Forward

      Coming soon!

      This time in history is one of dramatic social, cultural, technological, and spiritual shifts. People are seeking therapeutic support more readily, thank goodness. Access to therapy is another story, in many cases. This element of Growth Point Collaborative is where the real community-wide collaboration can happen. 

       When people are uninsured, underinsured, and even unable to pay the rates offered by amazing barrier-reducers like Open Path Collective... can we have another option? Yes. 

      With the power of everyone's connection to their innate goodness, those with the means to offer assistance will have a place to anonymously help a person who would not otherwise be able to access therapy. By making a contribution the size of a normal copay, less, or greater, a fund will be collected to cover the cost of therapy for someone elseto .

     For every $250 that is collected, a 5-pack of therapy sessions will be provided to an individual who is awaiting this therapy option. With enough demand guaranteed, and enough funds generated, a community of providers will be ready to take cases with little-to-no interruption to their business. Ideally, appropriate cases will be matched to specializing counselors. 

     Contact Ginelle to request information on how to contribute financially, or as a service provider. 

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