Here is what to expect when you reach out to me: I will return your contact at the soonest opportunity I have during working hours, by the same method you reached out to me. In that return contact, I will seek to schedule a 20-minute phone call to discuss rightness-of-fit, details I like to request and share, questions you want to ask, and we'll decide whether we will schedule an appointment. (By the way, if we decide not to collaborate, I will be happy to assist you in finding other options to pursue.)

Then I would provide you more information about my encrypted text app, the platform I'm using for telehealth, how to access your intake paperwork, and how we conduct payment transactions. Speaking of telehealth, my practice is currently completely online, and will be for the foreseeable future. I do look forward to returning to in-person service as soon as it is safe. Find below the schedule of fees, community resources, and information about my practice. Please read all policies found within your intake paperwork. Please contact me with any questions or concerns about how to make therapy accessible. 

For our telehealth meetings, it is helpful if you have a reliable internet connection, a gentle light source for your face, and a set of headphones. I also invite you to download an encrypted video platform which I find has better quality. You will need to bring your own tissues, and enforce your own privacy in selecting a location and appointment time. Then just log in to the platform before your appointment time. Your willingness to access service online is so appreciated!


Fees & Service Lengths:

  • Individual Counseling:  $100 per 50-minute session. $120 per 60-minute session.

  • Relationship Counseling:  $115 per 60-minute session. $125 per 75-minute session. 

  • Group Counseling fees vary by the group. Groups can last between 75 and 120 minutes. 

  • Late cancellation (less than 24 hours of notice) and no-show fees apply. 

Payment Methods:

  • I accept payment through most plans with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina.

  • I can provide a Superbill for your submission to any other insurance company for possible reimbursement. 

  • I accept payment through Health Savings Accounts and Flex Spending Accounts. 

  • I accept cash, check, and all credit and debit cards. 

Resources in Asheville: 

  • RHA Mobile Crisis for Mental Health Emergencies: 1-888-573-1006

  • Helpmate Domestic Violence hotline: 828-254-0516

  • OurVOICE Sexual Violence hotline: 828-255-7576

  • Manna Foodbank holds the schedule of local pantries for Nutritional Emergencies: 828-299-3663

  • Open Path Psychotherapy Collective: see if you qualify for lower rates.

  • Please ask for support in connection to additional resources in our region; I am happy to help. 


  • I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate (#A14565), working under the guidance of clinical supervisors: Peyton Kinnaird, LPCS and Heidi Andersen, LPCS.

  • I do not provide 24/7 on-call service.

  • I am a member of two case consultation groups that respect confidentiality diligently.

  • I am committed to continuous learning and training, and so will occasionally take brief periods of time away from sessions to develop my practice further. This benefits everyone involved!

Communicate with me about your financial situation. 
We can create an agreeable arrangement.


21 Battery Park Avenue Suite 202B

Asheville, North Carolina 28801


Call/Text 828-548-1378


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