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Mother Strugglers

Being one, having one, not knowing how to be one, not feeling like one, losing one, becoming one, wishing to be one... sometimes all at once!


Motherhood, and our relationship to mothers (as a society)... is complex to say the least.

Here's how we do the work.

We check out the history of your relationship to mother figures, and seek to understand them more deeply.

We examine the pressures you're under in your family role, and find ways of sustaining, if not growing, through this life moment.

We gather up to exchange support in groups. Join the Group Therapy Interest List to be informed when new group offerings come out.

We advocate when we notice needs going unmet and gender disparities. Check out my work with breastfeeding breadwinners here.

The generations beyond ours will thank us for doing this work.

Thank you for choosing therapy.

As a note on gender, I acknowledge the reality that one need not be "female" or a "woman" to have mother stuff as your primary concern in therapy, nor to take on an identity of "mother," or to birth humans. I work with parents and non-parents of all genders.

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