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Just a little about me...

Updated: Aug 20

If you're reading this, you may be curious if I'll be the right therapist for you. You may be wondering if I'm a colleague you want to connect with. You may be here to hear what I've got to say on a few subjects. In this post, I'll provide an overview of the intentions for this blog, which I expect will certainly evolve over time!

So, am I the right therapist for you? No one can know for sure before we try. I can refer you to my About Me page, the My Approach page, and the Individual Counseling pages to hear about my philosophical leanings and my commitments to patients, with a little jargon sprinkled in. In terms of counseling approach, it's all in those pages.

What other factors lead to a good fit? I'd say, above all things, is your willingness and openness to show up and be curious with yourself. That first ingredient is key to the entire therapeutic relationship. That is to say, in my experience, if it is evident that a person is showing up for themselves, I am all there to support it.

Other factors that improve the goodness-of-fit are knowing what you're getting from the beginning, relational accountability, and appropriate skill set. I schedule free calls with every client prior to our first appointment. In those calls, we discuss what you're looking to work on, and whether I have experience, knowledge, and methods to respond to your needs. Usually, I do. If I don't, I offer you assistance in finding a therapist who more closely specializes in the issues you're dealing with.

As for fitting well on a personal level, this is surprisingly important! As I work from a humanistic, intersectional-feminist perspective, a huge portion of that is about being my authentic self. So without further ado, I'm going to try to list as many personal identities that I own, and you are welcome to see if you share any.

Dog mother, other-people's-pets lover, gardener, flower-arranger, fancy cookie maker, auntie, sister, daughter, partner, colleague, peer-empowerment worker, business owner, risk taker, lifelong learner, feminist, cisgender trans-affirmer, nerd, survivor, traveler, yoga appreciator, household chef, weird person, inconsistent reader, imperfect self-care practitioner, achiever, emotional adventurer, sunset enthusiast, and live music lover.

Reach out today if you're curious what growth awaits you in a therapeutic relationship with me. Future blog posts will cover topics such as Compassion Fatigue, the Survivor's Healing Journey, What is Narrative Therapy? and more. Stay tuned!

In gratitude,


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