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A letter to you, considering therapy...

Things have been so hard. With any amount of trauma in our lives, past or present, experiencing life in our minds and bodies can feel like riding a roller coaster that you don't remember getting on. I support people in grasping purpose and power in life.


Your wellness matters! It may not feel like it all the time, 'cause gosh knows society and culture can be disempowering, but you are in charge of your life. 

You've been doing your best to take in self-help content and infographics, and you're finding you still need a space to talk out what's happening- and what happened- with someone who isn't your friends or family. They don't quite respond in the way you're needing.


You're tired of feeling terrible, and suffering in the absence of certainty, pleasure, and meaning. This can change. In therapy, we work to understand what your emotions are communicating about what to do next. 

If you're curious about what therapy will do for you at this point in life, honestly, the sky is the limit. We will sort through the life stories that made you who you are, and together, we reorganize that history with new understanding. While every person is a unique collection of their lifetime experiences, reflecting back from the present with a trained therapist is a powerful practice that heals wounds. We remind you who you are based on what you survived, and despite exterior influences. We also begin to imagine the future. 

You already know that events from the past impact how you show up today. You've built protections against pain, and you manage to do pretty well at life, yet you're wondering, "Is this the best life I could live? Am I doing it?" You want to know if there is a greater sense of freedom to feel, a what's stopping you from pursuing the life you want, especially in the context of a suffocating capitalist-hetero-patriarchy. I love supporting people in pursuing pleasure, taking risks for growth, and sticking it to the man (aka, doing things people don't expect you can!).


While we collaborate, we listen for the next step toward the life you want. This is a tough reminder to issue: your. only. life. is. happening. now. This is your permission to create the one you want. If you believe others should have nice lives, why not you? Attending therapy is about systematically modifying the sources of distress in your life, and over time, moving toward greater peace and pleasure.

If you’re looking for an empowering catalyst who will assist you in harnessing your capacities, goodness, and strengths, that’s me! Life is hard, but it can be more peaceful when you know who you are, what you stand for, and trust yourself as the guide. I'm ready to help you operate in accordance with your values, so that those you care about can benefit from your impact on the world.


Let's take the power back from the forces and influences that limit you. Let's craft the life you deserve. I can't wait to see the strengths you forgot about, ask you what you'd do if the sky were the limit, and watch in awe as the next chapters unfold. You've got this. I've got you. 

With deep respect,


P.S. In case this needs to be said, I support people of all genders, racial identities, abilities, sexual orientations, sizes and neurotypes.

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