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Therapeutic services offered by Ginelle Krummey, MA LPCA NCC.
Specialized support for young adults, survivors of sexual violence, and professional helpers.
Counseling & Group Facilitation
in Asheville, NC

Growth Point Collaborative

Is emotional discomfort letting you know it’s time for a change? 

Counseling can uncover life areas that are awaiting growth!

Working on our relationship dynamics can be a life-changing and fulfilling endeavor. How can your partnership grow into wellness?

Join others in the pursuit of wellness. Being seen and understood by those with similar experiences can provide great comfort.

Offer your staff a high-value benefit: work-related individual therapy. Explore the options and select what works for your agency.

My Approach

I am honored to participate in a person's need to be

seen and heard.


I believe that when past events are adequately witnessed,

they stop holding people back.

I know that transformation takes many forms,

and it can be hard to recognize without a second set of eyes. 

I approach change and growth with an open attitude,

encouraging the person or group to be in control of the process.

About me

Ginelle Krummey is a

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate and

Nationally Certified Counselor.


Individual, Couple, Group therapy, and Professional Consultation are all part of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling curriculum and training.


Find out more about Ginelle's professional background. 

Guiding Principles

Whether you work with Growth Point Collaborative as an individual or a group member, know that you are "good enough" from the start. 


The below principles guide our work in all settings. 










The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change. 
- Carl Rogers, founding figure of humanistic psychology

Services offered in beautiful 

Asheville, North Carolina

21 Battery Park Avenue Suite 202B

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