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Therapy with Ginelle Krummey, MA LCMHC

Regain the audacity to feel good.

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Therapy Sessions

Hey! I'm Ginelle. 

I love my job in a way that I know is rare. I help people and organizations find out what's got them all messed up, then take the next steps to start feeling a whole lot better. I get to help shift the arc of history in the direction of justice one person, one family, one workplace at a time.

The world, our country, and most people are not doing okay. We can't make all the sources of hardship disappear, but with the help of therapy, we can find your way to engage with life as it is.

The hope is that we arrive in a place of choice. You want to choose what you'll say to your partner, choose how to approach your family, choose what boundaries are important to your stability. You deserve to live in a state of freedom and pride for yourself. 

People who work with me appreciate my candor and curiosity, the way we encounter and move through emotions in session, and how I hold unconditional belief in their ability to grow.

Sound good? Schedule a consultation today. I'd love to support your journey.

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Emotional discomfort lets us know it’s time for change.


You want to explore past events and

recognize their impact on you.


Therapy can help us know ourselves better

and live according to our own guidance.


Imagine the freedom you'll feel

with greater self-awareness

and reliable access to choice. 

We can explore what holds you back, and watch you

begin to reach for the life you want. 

Schedule a consultation call to get started.


Workplace burnout is basically a given right now. 

Organizations suffer symptoms just like people do.

Work does not have to be a place where staff count down the hours, or spend time off recovering from it.


Having built-in support for your staff at work is best practice.

When coworkers have healthy relationships

and a sense of safety in the workplace,

work becomes service instead of pain.

Schedule a consultation to find out if your workplace would benefit from a clinical intervention.


Reach out today.

Online and in-person therapy in Marshall, NC

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The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change. 
- Carl Rogers, founding figure of humanistic psychology
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