Growth Point Collaborative

Counseling and Group Facilitation, PLLC
Therapy with Ginelle Krummey, MA LCMHCA NCC
Counseling virtually in North Carolina

Specialized support for young adults, survivors of sexual violence, and professional helpers. Working with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and relationship concerns, integrating complementary treatment modalities.
All intersections of identity are welcome at this feminist counseling practice. 

Emotional discomfort lets us know it’s time for change.


You want to explore past events and

recognize their impact on you.


Therapy can help us make life choices with

more intentionality.


Imagine the freedom you get with greater present-moment

awareness and reliable access to choice. 

We can explore what holds you back, and watch you

begin to reach for the life you want. 

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Join others on the journey of recovery through community.


Being understood by those with similar experiences can provide comfort and acceptance.


Social engagement is one certain element of

trauma recovery.

Allow fellow members to grow from your participation. 

Find out how others navigate problems that look like yours.

Practice taking risks in a circle of safety and encouragement.

Email me to learn more about group therapy.


I am so honored to collaborate with people

in finding what needs to be

seen and heard.


I believe that when past events are

adequately witnessed,

they stop holding people back.

I know that transformation takes many forms,

and it can be hard to recognize without a second set of eyes. 

I approach change and growth

with an open attitude,

encouraging the person or group to be

in control of the process.


Ginelle Krummey is a

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate and

Nationally Certified Counselor.


Ginelle provides educational presentations about burnout and compassion fatigue,

and professional consultation to agencies in support of the helpers on staff. 


Find out more about Ginelle's

professional background

and theoretical influences. 

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change. 
- Carl Rogers, founding figure of humanistic psychology