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Burnt-out Helpers

You are one of the people making the world better. But you're having to admit that your own world is... not okay. In fact, you barely get a minute edgewise to be able to tell that you're not okay.

But when you do turn inward and notice yourself, it's no wonder you're avoiding it. There's a loooooot of feelings backed up in there.

The things you hear about and witness on a daily basis are more intense than the average person.


Nobody really understands what you do. In fact, when you tell people, they cringe, "I could never do that for a living!"

We all need a space to recieve care, and that includes those who help others or are "supposed to have their life together." From what I can see, and after all everyone has been through lately, nobody has their shit together.


This is a space to explore who else you are, besides an incredible human showing up relentlessly caring for others.

I help helpers feel permission to release their many responsibilities. In therapy, we look at the use of boundaries, origin stories of how you got to be so helpful, and the needed supports in your life. 

Get some relief. You will be a more effective helper when you are well. The folks you serve deserve the version of you who can generously provide care.

Let's make sure you're solid and fulfilled before sending you out there to facilitate miracles. 

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