Group Therapy

In 2018, I designed, co-created, and co-facilitated an open group for female-identified survivors of sexual violence at OurVOICE Rape Crisis Center in Asheville, NC. In the same setting, I voluntarily facilitated the creation of the informal staff-led "Growth group" for wellness. In the beginning of my career in San Francisco, I participated in a Staff Development group among my colleagues and treatment team members, in which we examined our own responses to the work we were doing for adolescent foster youth with severe emotional and behavioral concerns. All of these experiences contribute to the creation of the following group offerings:  

Workplace Trauma process group:   This group is designed for anyone in a profession that affects their personal life and/or ability to continue doing heavy, important work that takes a toll. Social workers, counselors, environmental sustainability workers, activists, and disaster relief workers are very welcome. Let's see if we can create a community of resilient, recognized earth and humanity stewards. 

Trauma Recovery psycho-education group:  This group focuses on the emotional and somatic impacts of living through traumatic experiences. Interpersonal violence is far more common than we assume. Share in this group the ways in which your worldview has been impacted by experiences of violence, discover that you are not alone, and learn about strategies for grounding, regulating, and thriving after trauma. 

Being a Human in this World process group:  This group is a broad-range call to discover ways of life that serve us by sharing what works. Explorations of spirituality, self-compassion, and celebrations of humanity are the subject of this uplifting empowerment group. 

Email Ginelle to express interest in any of the above group therapy offerings, and you will be contacted when a group is scheduled to begin. A brief screening will be conducted to gain information about your interest in this type of support.