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Overextended Entrepreneurs

You're holding it all together, but what if you fall apart?


You're having trouble looking away from your baby, I mean your business, to prioritize your personal life.



It's going okay, or better-than-okay, but you can't trust that you really get to settle into a sustainable sense of success... because you can't believe you're actually doing this in the first place!

Business ownership is such an adventure! Some adventures are pretty wild and some are rather scary. I recommend therapy as a business health practice.

Where there is indecision, interpersonal conflict, trouble communicating, procrastination,  there is something deeper going on.

Our work is directly connected to our source of stability and safety (money), which makes it a significant attachment figure in our lives. It has the power to make or break us!


It's important to understand how our origin stories influence our present day outcomes. Once you understand your relationship to money and survival within capitalism, you can begin to make changes that free you to be able to thrive.

Imagine knowing yourself so well that your business could amplify your impact, while you experience ease.

Come to therapy and have a look at your cultural influences, value systems, and personal needs as you take your next steps forward. 

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