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Relationship Counseling

    In couple's counseling, the relationship is the client. While all partners are in the room, the connection among them is what is being cared for, attended to. We practice communicating with emotional immediacy. We sort through past events or interactions, and create resolution, reaching for restoration and peace. We make efforts to articulate what has gone unsaid, and move to the next chapter, no matter what it looks like. Everyone is worthy of the space they're taking up, and sometimes more. 

    Are the arguments growing too frequent to bear? Have you forgotten what it felt like when you first fell in love? Are you facing external challenges that threaten your relationship's sense of equilibrium and pleasure? We can explore these, and any questions you may be asking yourselves about your intimate relationships.

    The couple's work that I do is as integrative as my individual counseling work. We will view persons as individuals who have wide spectra of needs and strengths, who have had unique life circumstances creating their outlook. We will also view individuals as having been formed by series of relationships throughout the life span, resulting in particular attachment styles and presentations. 

  This service offering is not limited to dyadic romantic partnerships. Relationship counseling can serve friendships, sibling rivalry, adult child-parent dynamics, family structures, and coworkers can all benefit from counseling. Communication strategy and conflict resolution will be facilitated, with continuous exploration into new understandings of the other. 

     If you are interested in a tune-up for any relationship, or you're exploring the possibilities for greater satisfaction, give me a call. I look forward to honoring your connections!

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