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Consider the needs of your business like you would another person.

Is it being pushed beyond its capacity?

Is it not getting time to rest, reflect, or regroup? 

I believe the workplace and business-ownership can be places where growth and fulfillment take place in a person's life. Yet, I see examples of the opposite every day. Workplaces and communities need nourishment and attention just like the people in them do.

I help business owners fine-tune the aspects of their structures and teams that aren't synergizing. 

  • I work with organizations going through tough transitions

  • I work with agencies that take on challenging, meaningful work for society

  • I work with solo business-owners to achieve sustainability for the longterm. 

  • I provide psychoeducational presentations on mental health and burnout syndromes for the benefit of employees and leadership

  • I appear as a speaker for workplace retreats

  • I provide process groups for staff that need a place to metabolize the powerful work they are doing together

For fellow therapists, I provide :

  • clinical consultation for trauma-informed feminist therapy

  • group series to make significant shifts in business structure

  • 1:1 consultation on business structure and marketing

  • clinical consultation for burnout prevention

Give your business the loving attention that it needs.


I look forward to hearing from you.
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