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Custom Therapy Retreat Days

Therapy intensives for individuals, couples, and groups

with views of the Western North Carolina mountains.

...for people sick and tired of their own shenanigans

who need a big, powerful experience to make meaningful change.

How many times do you need to walk in and out of your therapist's office

before you get the results you want? 

Is it starting to feel like you're getting comfortable

avoiding the some subjects in your regular therapy? ​

Let's get serious.

You aren't going to therapy to stay the same!

The reason you're here is to seriously reflect on whether you are going and growing

in the direction that you're intending, big picture. 

And make change already.

​If you started therapy thinking that it was going to fix some broken part of you, and you're finding that it's been helpful but not mind-blowing, it might be time to look at a new kind of intervention.​​

That's where Individual Therapy Retreat Days come in. 

Luxurious time in the country to take in the view and get some real perspective on your life.​

...for those who wish the therapy hour weren't up at 60 minutes,

...or who struggle to make time for weekly sessions,

...or who love that feeling of building insight upon insight,

this is an option for you.​​

Take in the view, and get some real perspective on your life.


Custom service and location that won't be found anywhere else.

building sky.jpg

Gorgeous, private meeting space

It's a wonder what the aesthetics of an environment can do to create meaningful therapeutic work.

Individual therapy retreats take place in a custom-renovated, hundred-year-old cottage among the mountains of Madison County, North Carolina.

The office space we use was created just for this type of work. Check out the evolution of the office space on instagram @growthpointcollaborative

The surrounding nature will remind you of your own.


Analytic Therapy for
Any Life Moment

Ginelle practices integrative feminist analytic psychotherapy.


As a visionary for the world we want to live in, she practices consent, and believes that all people can heal and experience personal empowerment. 

Ginelle integrates a variety of therapeutic modalities into therapy, customizing the intervention to the moment and person.

Schedule a consultation to explore how you can benefit from a full-day therapeutic retreat!


A Therapy Day,

No two therapy retreat days are alike, because no two healing people have the same needs, preferences, or desires.


You are invited to select which adjunctive therapies to cradle your day of emotional work.

Choose from massage, reiki, guided imagery, forest bathing, you name it. It can be arranged to fulfill your ideal therapeutic day. 

This is the kind of experience you'll return to yearly, if not quarterly.

Ideas for how to focus your therapy retreat:

  • Examine your relationship with work by checking alignment with your personal values.

  • Declare resolutions for self-nurturance, and establish systems of accountability.

  • Dive deeper into narrative from your family history, and what it has to show you.

  • Create a trauma timeline, and a triumph timeline.

  • Recognize how your social location and identity intersections have influenced your life.

  • Draft a values manifesto and mission statement for your wellness.

It's going to be memorable.

That's how this works.

You step out and away from everything keeping your life how it is,

and take a look. 


When you're outside of your usual context, you're able to be creative.


Then, when you look back on the memory of this day

as the moment you shifted,

you continue to take steps in new directions long after it's over.


Steps toward the life you're intending.

This is therapy, nestled in the country, walking through the woods.

This day changes everything.


Imagine traveling across state lines or across the country to immerse yourself in an ancient forest, on historic farm land with 360 views of the oldest mountain chain in the world

...with the purpose of figuring out your life.​


That's one heck of an effort to make in service of your wellness,

and one you aren't likely to just throw away the minute you get home.​


Here is an example of a customized single-day itineraries, complete with therapeutic detail and examples of meals and alternative healing add-ons. All individual therapy retreats include preparation work and integration meetings afterwards.

About Ginelle

You might want to know a little about your hostess.

I'm Ginelle Krummey, LCMHC an

I'm a therapy nerd. Can't get enough of it. I love watching "aha" moments, and hearing, "I'd never made that connection before..." in my office.

I work with people of all genders using an integrative feminist lens to create a balance of stability and capacity for risk and change across the lifespan. Our goal is not to be perfectly happy forever; it's to be aware and maintain access choice in any circumstance. Sound like the kind of outlook you're needing? Keep reading.

My clinical background:

I have been working in mental health and human services for my entire career, and my commitment to the field of mental health began as early as 2005 when I started undergraduate school prioritizing the psychology track. Believe it or not... that's almost 20 years ago!

I've provided care in environments ranging from schools to hospitals to the undersides of bridges, learning directly from people occupying a wide range of life circumstances.

I practice integrative feminist analytic therapy.

This means the questions I ask and the direction I may steer our attention will be on purpose. 

We are doing so much more than chit-chatting in talk therapy.

Ask me about my theoretical influences in a free Retreat Info session.

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Benefits of Individual Therapy Retreat Days include:​

  • continuing a train of thought longer than an hour, going deeper and making new connections;

  • stepping out of routine to remember who you are beyond your day-to-day role performance;

  • a novel, singular experience in a vivid, memorable environment;

  • you select the theme, so you can focus your day on what matters most;

  • powerful personal reflection at longer intervals, such as yearly, seasonally, or monthly;

  • investing powerfully in your relationship with yourself and your process.


And yet, you might not want to talk ALL day.

That's why you get to customize your itinerary!

As an integrative therapist, I support diversifying your approach to the healing process. 

So we collaborate with local practitioners of

massage therapy, reiki, forest bathing, tarot, nutrition, ayurveda, and more.


Yes, there's a private forest here.

Together, we build the day with all your favorite things.

The day that you need.

Enjoy your visit to this mountaintop retreat, and expect to come back next year!​

There will be fresh flowers in our private, dedicated office space.

Lunch will be delivered so that you can stay on property relaxing during break times.

How life might be different after an intensive...

Beyond what you'd get from a standard therapy hour.



You may have a new method for making decisions, instead of waffling back and forth in stifling indecision all the time.



The memory of this unique experience, complete with sights, smells, and sensations can be called up when you forget your path, or slip off course.



You'll have your sights set on a clear goal, or a successive pathway of goals, instead of a jumble of lofty dreams with no plan.



Leaving the everyday sameness provided brand new observations that you can use to create significant shifts in your life.

What it's like to
be here...

The retreat space is a one-of-a-kind, custom renovated hundred year-old cottage in a private setting, in the craggy mountains of Madison County, NC.


Looking out, an expansive, uninterrupted view will honor you with the sight of its many forms, no matter the weather. 

The nature available up-close includes private wooded forest acres, a home garden with chicken coop, a gravel road to stroll during breaks, deer passing by the office, and neighboring cow herds. 

If you take a seat to enjoy your lunch overlooking the hills, you're likely to hear the cows moo-ing on the next hill over.

One thing you will not be hearing is traffic. The greatest number of people you could run into is maybe five. More likely, one neighbor. 

We can stomp down into the undisturbed, ancient forest for some session time, and remember the slow pace of nature.


Experience depth of feeling

If you find you could keep going forever when your usual therapy time is ending, this will be a satisfying experience for you.


In your full-day therapy retreat, you can stay on a train of thought longer than a regular one-hour session. 

You can focus on a specific issue, or mark the passage of time with your developing self. Looking back on the last year, for example, you can see how far you've come, or what you're still stuck on.

I encourage a commitment to yearly retreats, a method for reflecting on a tangible period of time, while zooming out to keep your entire life in mind.

What will be your work
on this day?

Individual therapeutic retreat days are meant to be just that... individual.

You know you best, and the area where you need  to focus on this day.

We'll go anywhere that's needed.

You will be invited to a consultation call after you submit the form below,

and we'll discuss your preferences for the day's work.


This is a great setting to dive into a chapter of your life that needs revisiting to heal.

You can work specifically on self-compassion,

or through a sociopolitical lens,

or spend some time confronting your multitudes of perspectives.

There is space here for all of it.

It doesn't have to be intense to be powerful.

It can be intimidating to think of what therapy intensives entail.

This retreat day is supposed to be about presence, relaxation, listening to yourself, and

remembering who the fuck you are.

It doesn't have to be painful to be meaningful.

You might have an idea that you need to cry, sob, and wail at the moon to feel a shift,

but it doesn't have to be that way.

What if change and feelings of worthiness were to come

through channels of pleasure, joy, and amazement with the natural world and your part in it?

You are welcome to engage in your therapy retreat day just as you need to.

Complete the form below to schedule your Retreat Info session.

I look forward to helping you know yourself. 

Get in Touch

Email me any questions,

or request to schedule your therapy retreat or intensive.


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I'll get back to you right away.

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