Employee Assistance

     It is the intention of Growth Point Collaborative to make a difference as widely as possible, and reaching the professionals who care for vulnerable populations is key. Doing challenging emotional work can strongly impact the worker, especially in complex fields like human services, medicine, environmental preservation and education. It is difficult to provide high quality services when one's own needs are not being met, when one's suffering goes unseen, or when the workplace environment is more of an obstacle than the work.


     Exposure to traumatic content results in conditions like Secondary Traumatic Stress, Vicarious Traumatization, Compassion Fatigue, and Burnout. Many people who do courageous work blame themselves for not being strong enough, or choosing the wrong career when they experience symptoms of the above in the course of their work. I see these syndromes as a human response to a superhuman challenge. I know that recovery is possible without changing careers, and that people can transition from burnout response to burnout prevention... the ultimate goal is an experience of Compassion Satisfaction and organizational health. Once people gain a handle on their vulnerability and resilience, there's no stopping them. The right support can transform staff into confident, stable, aware, and powerful forces who deliver solid service.

     Taking the impacts of emotional work seriously and providing staff with free or affordable options to receive care is a responsible (and revolutionary!) thing to do. Caring for vulnerable populations from a place of emotional security is not only ethical, but it is more fulfilling and more effective. No staff member wants to feel expendable or unappreciated. Show your team that you recognize their resilience, and that you are invested in their wellness. See if retention is increased through an organizational intervention.

 Select the set-up that works for your agency's needs; the level of intervention is your choice:

  • Growth Point Collaborative provides full- or half-day educational workshops about burnout syndromes.

  • Growth Point Collaborative facilitates meaningful discussions on burnout syndromes, self-care strategies, communication techniques, and alternative outcomes.

  • Growth Point Collaborative contracts for regular staff development/wellness groups on site.


     Growth Point is ready to serve the amazing humans who deliver your services. Call or email today.