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Relationship Intensives

A relationship intensive is an impactful way to create change and improvement to any type of relationship: romantic, committed, dyadic, family, or friendship.

Scheduling regular intensives is an amazing maintenance practice for couples that don't feel their issues are severe enough to require frequent attendance and intervention.

Relationship intensives are a great option if:

     -you have a special topic you want to discuss with your partner, and feel the need for professional advocacy, mediation, or containment as well;

          -you want to evaluate your relationship wellness while you're mostly happy and satisfied, but still want growth and expansion;

        -you want to deepen your knowledge of one another through background-focused healing together;

        -you're anticipating a big change (such as new parenthood) and want to set new agreements for how to be in relationship together;

         -you want to figure out some of the minor daily struggles that, once resolved, you know you'd both be happier.


Some technical details:

As an alternative to regular weekly sessions, extended sessions at a less frequent interval allow more schedule freedom and flexibility. Relationship intensives range from 3-8 hours over 1-2 days, and produce significant clarity and relief much more immediately than an hour of therapy twice per month.

Examples of work I do with partners:

             Monthly 3-hour feedback exchange intensives about practicing conflict resolution

             Quarterly half-day reflective check-ins about interactions and intentions

             Yearly evaluative relationship wellness retreat. 

Examples of work I do with family members:

             Mother and adult daughter deepening relationship by exploring past events

             Father and adult child exploring gender expression and relationship repair work


Read some more about the relationship work I do here

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